Save Time - Money - Resources

SchoolDex makes state reporting a breeze by automatically pulling all required state reporting information for easy uploads to ISEE. Whether using simple graphs and charts or complex reports, SchoolDex enables you to communicate with parents, teachers and students alike – making your job easier!

Simplify School Management with a Point and a Click

Functionality in SchoolDex is implemented with point-and-click and/or single-step effortlessness. The system enables you to accomplish everything you need with an easy learning curve and less time and effort.

Control and channel the flow of information

Information is your school’s lifeblood; it empowers you to make better decisions and procure accurate funding. SchoolDex will give you easy access to valuable data that will allow you to make decisions in a decisive manner.

Allow us to demonstrate

SchoolDex’s rich feature-set is only a portion of what sets us apart. The implementation is key: we don’t just do what you need us to do, we do it better. To experience SchoolDex for yourself, set up an online demo.


Effortlessly capture, organize and code every piece of information you need to submit to the state; SchoolDex optimizes every report to help you procure maximum funding.

Automatically process over 4,000 state codes and format properly for submission

Easily correct errors and flagged data

Access previous months’ and years’ records

Maintain multiple, flexible calendars that keeps students, staff, teachers and parents alike on the same page – and the correct schedule.

Multiple calendars, including start and end dates, holidays, breaks, special events, etc.

Simplified views designed to present the most usable information at a glance

Calendars can be school-wide or specific to classes, teachers, rooms or even students

Simplify a paperwork-laden process into simple steps with automated functionality and easy navigation.

Populate information fields, transfer records, etc. with single-clicks.

One-click access to every pertinent record, like pasts communications, student demographic information, and other SchoolDex modules, like incident management

Upload and keep track of all required student registration information, including enrollment packages and medical forms

Restrict information access to only those who need to see it

Make taking attendance as simple as a single-click, while simultaneously gathering numerous metrics for better decision-making, student accountability and parent communication.

Handle one student or teacher at a time, or process by batch

Integrates with other modules, like scheduling and incident tracking

Information shared in real-time throughout SchoolDex system; for example parents can track their student’s attendance instantly through the Parent Portal

Automatically mail or email parents after certain pre-set thresholds

With three free custom reports and literally hundreds of standard reports, SchoolDex gets you started right in tracking every aspect of your school, teachers and students.

Dynamic, interactive reports generate actionable administrative and educational intelligence

Classroom reports: report cards (fully customizable), progress reports, attendance, scheduling

Administrative reports: admissions and enrollment, registrar and logistical reports, accounting

The classroom can be chaotic and challenging; SchoolDex organizes classroom management into a simple, efficient system with no paperwork nightmares and fast, simple processes.

Assign teachers to courses and classrooms

Assign students to teachers, courses, and/or classrooms

Track student attendance and tardies

Enable parents to check student’s grades, performance and attendance while keeping up with assignments and school news. School can choose features parents can see, including meals, library, and incidents.

View grades, assignments and reports

Communicate with teachers

Keep demographic and contact information up-to-date

Track regular-price and discounted meals with automated pricing and scanning capability.

Point-of-sale tracking with scanner technology

Free and reduced lunch reporting

Flexible payment options, such as student accounts and online payments

Extensive accounting and transaction/student history reporting capabilities

Prevent future incidents and protect your school's accountability. Improve discipline by holding students accountable for their actions and ensure disciplinary or corrective procedures are enforced.

Easily document every incident in detail and analyze incidents to track trends by infractions, disciplinary actions, locations, students, and time of occurrence

Make the most informed decisions, and back up those decisions with hard data accountable

Maintain records, notify parents, produce formal reports

Track penalties and disciplinary actions

Create and maintain an online library catalog by automatically populating book information via the ISBN or with manual entry. Track all books checked out and returned by students. Use scanner technology for each library processes.

Use our global database to pull book information for each catalog creation

Create school specific barcodes for tracking books, catalog, and student usage

Use scanner technology to simplify the library process

Forthcoming Features

Make the most of limited resources and enable maximum impact for community and student needs.

Ease planning processes with better information and scheduling

Track vehicles and routes with easy point-and-click routing

Keep schedules updated in real-time

Fleet and safety management – repairs, maintenance, fuel, safety

Ensure prompt, accurate and effective nursing care by maintaining student health information; at the same time, our system is designed to comply with stringent regulations like HIPAA.

Maintain critical medical documentation, including vaccination history and current medications

Track and document nurse visits

Health reporting, by student or anonymized collective data for analyzing trends

Careful security protocols ensure compliance with privacy and confidentiality regulations