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New and Updated Features for the summer of 2013:


This summer we are working on updating our Library feature to include the use of scanner technology. This function with allow for quicker, more accurate record keeping and tracking of student check-out and check-in activities as well as easier access to the school's catalog of books.


Parent Portal

Our Parent Portal will be ready to roll out as school gets back underway this Fall.  Connecting your school with your students' parents will now be easier than ever. No more surprises come report card time! On a daily basis, parents can see what the student has been assigned, what they have turned in, what grade they received and where the student falls in their class average. Parents will be able to see attendance, track meals and account balances, see what books the student has checked-out  from the Library and if any books are overdue.  Parents can even communicate directly with teachers through our communications page.

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