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HANE Solutions and SchoolDex are working closely with the Arizona Department of Educationís IT department as the current SAIS regulations are updated and changed. We have begun implementation of the new Student-Teacher-Course Connection Collections and will be integrating these changes by October 2012. For more information on these updates and collections, visit http://www.azed.gov/student-accountability/sais-documents/ or email stconnection@azed.gov

Summer 2012

Schools using the current P-T.R.E.E system are being transferred to the SchoolDex system. SchoolDex offers the simplicity and accuracy of P-T.R.E.E but includes features like Meals and Library, and allows everything to be done in the same system, allowing for a more organized school and the ability to report state information faster and more simply.

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Title:Learn about SchoolDex and STC Collections
Description:Learn about SchoolDex and STC Collections
Date:August 29th, 2012
Time:10:00 Ė 10:30 a.m.
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